Happy Moter Day

Sometimes life has a way of smacking you in the face and shoving you so far in the dirt you can taste the mud. When it does, all you can do is pull back, wipe off the mud, Happy Mothers Day and cry. Cry a lot, because you have been hurt. Not only because of those who forced you in the mud, but because you let yourself go there. You let them shove you around.

It’s not until someone lets you talk about it, tell your story and make you feel as if they understand where it is you are coming from. It’s not until you feel like you have been heard, that you can wipe away all the pain. Or so you think! Maybe it’s a moment right after the conversation that you realize whats really important, is not what happened to you, but rather what is around you. Or who is around you.

To say I have had a bad week is putting it lightly, but who doesn’t have bad weeks? I was definitely having a “oh pity me” week. I will spare the details. It was in the final moments of my day I realized, I can push back, wipe off the mud, and cry a little and then laugh! And here is why.

My son Joey, worried about me (like he does), hands me a white paper bag and tells me to open it. On the outside of the white paper bag it says, Happy Mothers Day. Inside the bad was a handmade card. Pink construction paper with blue construction paper scotch taped to it. On the blue paper was written, Happy Moter Day (spelling it exactly like he wrote it). I opened up the card and on the inside it said this (as he wrote it):

You’re the best mom

Ever your allways

Generous, loving, and


You are so hard

Working and deserve more

Than a day off, I wish

I could have a job to

Helpout. Your so great!

By: Joey Meteger

I have to tell you I broke out in complete laughter. I was laughing hectically. I felt bad, but could not help myself. I know that sounds horrible. I could tell this was something he had done very quickly and last minute. I thought it was funny because it said ‘Moter”. Happy ‘Moter’ day… Then he signed it ‘by’: and wrote his last name, crossed it out because it was spelled wrong and then wrote in the correct spelling. Again, I could not stop laughing. All I could say was “Happy Moter Day. ”

He pulled out his dimples and said to me “At least you’re laughing mom, and I am glad to hear that”. He gave me a hug and went to bed. Man, kids can really put us in our place. Even when we know they are doing something out of guilt or worry, they have a way of setting us straight. They help us to remember, when the chaos of the world stamps our memory out. I will take a ‘Happy Moter Day’ card any day Joey Metzger. Thanks for reminding me about whats important and thank you for making me laugh. I love you!

Happy ‘Moter” day to all the moms out there and to all the children who remind them why they are so important, for reminding them to laugh when all they want to do is cry!
Luv, Luv,