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Christie Brinkley Comments on Cook's 20/20 Interview

Peter Cook tells all to Barbara Walters

Shortly after Peter Cook's highly publicized interview with Barbara Walter's aired on 20/20 Friday night, Christie Brinkley's attorney, Robert S. Cohen, released a statement.

"Christie Brinkley initially sought to settle this matter privately. The state of NY is an open court system. It was Mr. Cook who sought to lock the courtroom to the media. Judge Cohen applied the law and Peter’s request to bar the media was denied. This was not Ms. Brinkely’s doing, it was the law.

"Mr. Cook has chosen to breach the confidentiality agreement in the divorce settlement, a provision agreed upon in court to protect the children and allow them to put this ordeal behind them.

"This is a tragedy. Mr. Cook has proven once again that the court appointed psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Herman was right when he testified that Peter Cook has an insatiable ego and needs constant reassurance. Mr. Cook continues to put himself first, ultimately hurting the children.

"The court awarded Ms. Brinkley full custody of the children and all decision making concerning them. That decision speaks for itself.

Ms. Brinkley plans to explore her legal options."

~Robert S. Cohen
Attorney for Christie Brinkley

As reported earlier this week, Brinkley and Cook are expected back in court October 29th.

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Spotlight Photo: Christie Brinkley's Grand Slam

Christie Brinkley takes to the court at Ross School's Grand Slam Tennis Exhibition

Christie Brinkley takes to the court at Ross School's Grand Slam Tennis Exhibition
Photo: Lisa Wagner/ News

Christie Brinkley was just one of the celebrity participants in the Grand Slam Tennis Exhibition at Ross School's new tennis center on Sunday. The exhibition, lunch and silent auction was held in honor of tennis legend Andre Agassi and featured pro-tennis stars like former #2 in the world Petr Korda and the former #1 doubles player in the world Rennae Stubbs.

We'll be back with a full write-up of the event shortly but, in the meantime, you can check out the Blog Hamptons Grand Slam Photo Gallery for a courtside view of all of the action!

Ellen to Join Christie at CoverGirl?

Ellen DeGeneres latest Cover Girl?Newlywed Ellen DeGeneres has the media world buzzing over rumors that she's just signed on as the latest face of GoverGirl cosmetics.

The 50-year-old natural beauty has reportedly signed a six-figure deal with the cosmetics giant and is said to be currently filming her first ad campaign.

Ellen would join a stellar roster of notable Cover Girl's, including the Hamptons own Christie Brinkley, who served as the face of CoverGirl for 20 years. In 2005 Christie teamed up with CoverGirl once again as the flawless face of their Advanced Radiance line, which was developed for women over 30.

No word yet on whether or not Ellen will be joining the Advanced Radiance campaign or launching another "over 30" line for CoverGirl.

Christie Brinkley in CoverGirl's Advanced Radiance campaign.

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The Courthouse Circus

Christie Brinkley enjoying a different type of carnival.

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

At last count, 19 news stories crossed our desk regarding the latest in the Brinkley/Cook divorce. We're choosing to opt out.

If there's one thing we've learned in our encounters with Christie Brinkley, it's that she is the epitome of class and grace. So, we've decided to follow her example and let the circus roll through town without us.

Besides, is there really anything new to report yet anyway? The sky is blue, water is wet, fire is hot and Peter Cook is a   _______________.

We now return to the class and grace portion of this post.

Day Three: Brinkley Closer To Her Own "Independence Day"

After a crazy weekend we are back bright and early at the Suffolk County Courthouse for day three of the Brinkley/Cook divorce proceedings.
Christie Brinkley arrived in yet another one of her enviromentally friendly Hybrids, along with attorney Robert Cohen, at about 8:57 AM. We asked her if she had a good weekend, which we know she did, and she replied "Yes, I did. I hope you all had a happy Fourth of July. I'm looking forward to my independence day." As you've all heard by now, Brinkley spent July 4th with daughter Alexa over at Billy Joel's Sag Harbor house and enjoyed a summer cookout. Peter Cook took son Jack jet skiing.

We'll be back a little later in the day with all of the latest details from court today along with a recap of one amazing holiday weekend in the Hamptons!

See ya soon!

Christie Brinkley and attorney Robert Cohen arrive at the Suffolk County Courthouse this morning for Day three of her divorce trial.

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Newsday Has Lost Their Minds!

Now I've heard it all.
DENISE RICHARDS as Christie Brinkley?
Miley Sirus as ALEXA RAY JOEL?
RAY ABRUZZO as Billy Joel?
Even in jest it's ludicrous.
Hell, with suggestions that insane why not throw H.R. Pufnstuf onto the casting couch? I hear he's available!

We love Newsday...but really...DENISE RICHARDS?
Miley? It's hurts my head to even think about it.

Check out Newsday's latest:
Casting the Christie Brinkley Television Movie
(OK, I'll give 'em Martin Scorsese....but that's it!)

V Is For Victory!

Peter Cook gests 2.1 Million - Christie gets the kids!
And she gets her sweet freedom...and HIS Sweet Freedom!
Christie keeps "the boat" and ALL of her properties!

Karma. One of life's little pleasures!

V IS FOR VOCTORY!! Christie Brinkley settles with Cook for a song!!

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook Settle Out Of Court

Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook Leaving the Courthouse in Riverhead. Photos: Lisa Wagner/Splash News

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have finally called a truce in the last of their long running courthouse battles. This morning the feuding exes appeared in State Supreme Court in Riverhead where they presented Justice Mark Cohen with a mutually beneficial settlement agreement. Last minute negotiations between Brinkley, Cook and their legal teams ran well into the early hours of Tuesday morning with both sides hammering out conditions of the settlement agreement before they were due in court. The settlement addressed custody and visitation issues concerning the couple's two children, Jack, 14, and Sailor Lee, 11. The specifics of the agreement, which were accepted by the judge, were not made public.

Despite a few final digs outside of the courthouse, Brinkley reminding the press that a court psychiatrist had labeled Peter a "narcissist" and Cook slamming Christie for "parental interference," both sides seemed to be pleased with the agreement.

It had been reported that both Brinkley and Cook were looking to have each other thrown in jail for violating the terms of their original custody and confidentiality agreements, but Brinkley assured one reporter as she left the courthouse in a blue trench coat and Ray Bans, "I never said that."  Brinkley in fact did not exercise her right to hold Cook in contemp of their original agreement.

As for Cook, he told BlogHamptons he's looking forward to spending time with his kids and "leaving this media circus behind."

And Now, A Sex Tape Update...

Peter Cook Sex Tape? Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comOK, so by now we all know that the New York Post broke the news this morning about the existence of a sex tape showing Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi getting their inappropriate lust on.

Now, in plenty of time for the 5 o'clock news, statements from all of the parties’ lawyers are pouring in.

Let's start with Diana Bianchi's attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, who gave Entertainment Tonight her exclusive statement: "Diana was in a relationship with Peter Cook. It does not surprise her that there are photos of her in his possession. However, she was unaware that he was videotaping their sexual encounters. In my opinion, Peter Cook is a wolf. He went on Barbara Walters in a tie and claimed he was a lamb. But you can put a tie on a wolf, he’s still a wolf. We are weighing our legal options concerning this matter."

And we can't forget Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, who saved his comments for The Insider: "I have never seen such a video but if there ever was one and if it exists, it would sure dispel any idea that sexual relations between Peter and Ms Bianchi was anything but consensual."

The quotes wouldn't be complete without a word from Robert Cohen, Christie Brinkley's legal eagle, who gave his statement to the very paper who reported having seen stills from the alleged sex tape: "Nothing about Peter Cook's behavior shocks us. We don't know anything about this tape. We never saw it and we never heard about it. Christie's concern is for the sake of her children and she hopes this video is kept private."

And there you go. Our first sex tape update.
Something tells us it won't be the last!

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The Answer is NO

Should Christie Brinkley date Alec Baldwin? Photo: Lisa WagnerThe good folks over at Newsday's Hangin' in the Hamptons Blog posed a question to their readers this morning and we just had to step up and answer with a big, fat "NO" post of our own.

"Should Christie Brinkley Date Alec Baldwin?"

HITH reports that Star Magazine has created a list of potential suitors for our favorite super model Mom, Christie Brinkley. Somehow, Alec Baldwin made the final cut because they are both political activists, over 50 and "would have lots to talk about."

Does anyone else find this notion to be a disaster waiting to happen?

Day Six: Is The End In Sight?

Christie Brinkley - Day Four of Divorce ProceedingsGood morning everyone.
It's about 7:30 AM and there have been some very interesting developments overnight in the Brinkley/Cook divorce. Both sides have been in "serious negotiations" at the Islandia Marriott and are said to have finally reached a settlement in terms of both custody and property. Today should prove to be interesting!

We'll be back throughout the day with updates as they happen!

Update: Judge Denies Brinkley's Request

Judge Denies Brinkley's Request

Photos: Lisa Wagner/  

A decision has come down from a Suffolk County judge, denying Christie Brinkley a temporary restraining order against ex-husband Peter Cook.

The request was made in an effort to suspend this weekend's scheduled visitation between Cook and the couple's two children, Jack and Sailor Lee, in light of Cook's revealing 20/20 interview airing this Friday — an interview that appears to be in direct violation of the couple's divorce settlement, which prohibits either party from publicly speaking about their marriage.

While the judge did not suspend Cook's visitation, he did order that the children not to be exposed to what is sure to be ratings gold for Barbara Walters and ABC.

This afternoon, Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, issued a statement on the judge's ruling: “The court order mandates that since Peter Cook has the children this weekend, his parenting has to be away from his home and he can't expose them to the 20/20 broadcast. Christie Brinkley's sole concern is to protect her children.”

James Winkler, an attorney for Cook, said through a statement that Cook agreed to take the children on “a little trip” and that he wouldn't expose them to the interview, “which he had no intention of doing anyway.”

Interesting, since in said interview, which airs this Friday at 10pm, Cook tells Walters he did the interview in part because “the misinformation that came out during the trial is the elephant in the room for my kids, and I'm hoping that maybe I can correct some of the wrongs.”

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Christie Brinkley Hosts Centennial Celebration

Christie Brinkley Hosts Southampton Hospital's 51st Annual Summer Party. Photo by Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons/SplashNews.comSouthampton Hospital’s 51st Annual Summer Party, A Centennial Celebration, was held on Saturday, August 1st. Chaired by Sheila O’Malley Fuchs, the event was held under the tents on Wickapogue Road in Southampton in benefit of the Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Tony Urrutia and Steven Stolman transformed the standard issue event tent into an elegant room that paid homage to the evening's Centennial theme, and the Alex Donner Orchestra provided the music that had guests dancing well into the night.

Guests included the evening's Honorary Chair, the age-less Christie Brinkley, Master of Ceremonies Chuck Scarborough and his lovely wife Ellen, Whitney & James Fairchild, Kathy & Rick Hilton, and Ramona Singer. Brinkley was a vision in her yellow Ralph Lauren gown and raved about Southampton Hospital's Emergency Services which, as a Mom of two young and very active children, she found herself utilizing just the week before. No worries though, Jack and Sailor Lee are both fine, but Christie did stress that she hopes Saturday's benefit gala will serve to remind us all of the importance of supporting Southampton Hospital and “ensuring that our community is equipped with the latest technologies and resources.” Steven M. Bernstein, Southampton Hospital’s Foundation President, echoed Christie's plea; “This support is critical to the delivery of quality emergency services considering the geographical isolation of the East End communities.”

[Photo: Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons/]

Hampton's Sweetheart

Christie Brinkley: Super Model, Super Mom and ActivistChristie Brinkley might have had a couple of hard years, but nothing can stop this wonder woman.

The Hampton's knows Brinkley as a person with charm and class. To the world she is perhaps best known for her three appearances on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and for her long-running contract with both Cover-girl and the Total Gym.

Brinkley hasn't stop modeling (honestly would you if you looked like her?) and has since been adding on to her agenda.

Holy Breaking Brinkley News Bat Man!

This was our ONE DAY OFF from the daily divorce debacle and we've just been given the heads up to high tail it back to the courthouse where Brinkley and Cook are currently in closed door discussions regarding the custody of Jack and Sailor. There is a four hour recess while the two see if they can hash out terms and reach a settlement, hopefully bringing an end to the custody portion of these proceedings.

Stay tuned!!!


Christie is not pleased when she returns to court after 4 hour recess and reports that she and Cook tried to reach a settlement agreement over the custody of their two children.

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Christie arrived back at the courthouse first (on time might I add) and she looked more stressed than she's been since this trial started. I would go as far as to say that she looked aggravated and angry. When asked if they were able to reach a settlement, she said "We are going back in to trial. I remain hopeful."

Brinkley and attorney Robert Cohen marched thru the mob of media with a steadfast determination. When Cook arrived (late), he kept comments to a minimum but seemed, in stark contrast to Brinkley, quite jovial. Inside the courthouse, Brinkley's twin private detectives wait to be called as witnesses. The rumor among those of us covering the trial is that the unexpected closed-door talks may have come about because Cook is looking to keep the two private investigators from testifying - a theory bolstered by the investigators themselves. Now that settlement talks appear to have reached a stand still, we're waiting to see if they'll be called to the stand today and, if so, do they really have any bombshell testimony. Again, it's all just speculation at this point. We still have a way to go before they break for the day. And Lord knows that absolutely ANYTHING can happen between now and then!

You'll know when we know!

In Case You Missed It

Wild, Wild, West!

Christie Brinkley arrives at Wild, Wild, West Carnival

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

On Sunday afternoon, Christie Brinkley made her first public appearance since her highly publicized divorce trial. For the 9th year in a row, the cover girl hosted the Wild, Wild West Carnival to support the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Brinkley posed for paps in cowboy boots along side fellow super model Petra Nemcova and Gossip Girls star Kelly Rutherford, who also brought her dog Oliver and son Hermes to the Western hoedown! The afternoon was jam packed with activities including pony rides, a rock climbing wall, obstacle course, giant slides, hula-hoop contest, balloon artist, face painting, hair braiding, water balloon toss, tug o'war, silent auction and a raffle.

All proceeds from the ticket sales, silent auction and raffle benefit the Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), part of Albert Einstein's National Women's Division. CERC is one of the largest and most renowned centers in the nation providing comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment services for children who suffer from serious developmental disorders.

Christie Brinkley to Guest Star on Ugly Betty

Christie Brinkley Set to Guest Star on ABC's Ugly Betty. Photo: Lisa Wagner/Splash NewsLook out Wilhelmina Slater, there's a new Diva on the block. And this one may just give you a run for your Manolo's!

The Hamptons own Christie Brinkley will joining the cast of Ugly Betty this season as Penelope Graybridge, a fabulously fierce fashion editor at a competing magazine.

The inexplicably ageless supermodel became internationally recognizable thanks to her iconic Sports Illustrated covers and her reign as the flawless face of Cover Girl Cosmetics. Over the years, Christie has evolved into a business mogul, launching her own jewelry and fabric lines, as well as an activist, environmentalist and philanthropic powerhouse. But this mother of three is also no slouch in the acting department.

Brinkley first dove into acting in 1983 as the scene stealing "Girl in the red Ferrari" in National Lampoon's Vacation. Staring opposite Chevy Chase, Brinkley's role required little dialogue but became such an instant classic that it continues to be referenced, spoofed and parodied more than 25 years later. On the small screen, Brinkley's guest appearance on NBC's Mad About You helped the sitcom, and the network, land one of their highest rated half-hour episodes. She's also hosted “Celebrity Weddings InStyle” for Lifetime, bringing equally unprecedented ratings to the cable channel, and has even tried her hand at her own lifestyle talk shown on CNN. Simply put, there's nothing this woman can't do.

As Penelope Graybridge on Ugly Betty, Christie Brinkley will join an illustrious list of guest star alumni of the Emmy Award winning sitcom. Martha Stewart, Isaac Mizrahi, Kristin Chenoweth, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang, Betty White, Naomi Campbell, and Kelly Ripa are just a few of the heavy hitters and fashion icons who have graced the halls of Mode.

While U.B. producers are yet to release all of the details on Brinkley's new character, including how many episodes she'll star in, we do know that she'll be filming her scenes here in New York -- unlike Columbian pop sensation Shakira. Shakira, who will also be guest staring on the show this season, will be making her Ugly Betty debut when the cast and crew film on location in the Bahamas.

The new season of Ugly Betty will premiere on Friday, October 9th at 9 P.M. EST on ABC. For a behind the scenes look at what's in store for Season 4, check after the jump for an ABC Sneak Peek Video.
[Photo: Lisa Wagner/Splash News]

Aretha Blows The Roof Off Ross

Aretha Franklin Performs at Ross School. August 23, 2008. Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

"Your Queen, my Queen, the Queen of Soul...ARETHA!"

That was the exuberant and fitting intro her band leader boisterously exclaimed to the crowd gathered at Ross School in East Hampton.

Celebrity guests like Christie Brinkley, Rosie Perez, Bethenny Frankel and Joy Behar filled the front row tables and rose to their feet when the living legend that is Aretha Franklin took the stage. Now 66 years-young, Aretha began what would be a 75 minute powerhouse concert filled with the energy and vocal range expected of someone 40 years her junior. Why she even needed a microphone was a mystery to us, as Aretha still has the power and delivery in her voice to command the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from an audience 10 miles away.

For a woman with twenty Grammy Awards and twenty number-one singles on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart under her belt, the undisputed Queen of Soul shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a new album in the works and more special performance dates scheduled, Aretha Franklin continues her extraordinary musical journey, a journey which began for her as a young gospel singer back in Detroit in 1956.

We caught up with Christie Brinkley after Aretha's performance at Ross and the super mom was literally at a loss for words. "I lost my voice" the gorgeous but raspy and barely audible Brinkley tried to tell us. "Wasn't she amazing? I mean, I got goosebumps. I sang, I cried...look at me," Brinkley whispered while trying to repair the faint remnants of makeup left on her face. "It was incredible and she is absolutely amazing."

We couldn't agree more, Christie!

While we send some lozenges Ms. Brinkley's way, you can enjoy a bit of Aretha's performance at Ross right here on Blog Hamptons iTV.

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Game Called In The 6th Inning!

Long Island Dux are shut out in 6th inning of divorce trail.

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

It looks like it's a shut out for the Long Island Dux!! Whatever damning evidence they were prepared pull out of that manila envelope against Peter Cook will never become public record. Settlement talks between Christie Brinkley's team and Team Cad Cook went throughout the night and when Christie arrived at the Suffolk County Courthouse shortly before 9 AM this morning she was on cloud nine! She waited in her chauffeur driven Toyota Prius with uber attorney Robert Cohen until soon-to-be ex Peter Cook made his walk through the press line. This morning's arrivals showed the clear winner in this case - right down to the press choosing to stay in position and NOT follow Cook on our usual walk with him to the courthouse doors. Instead, all cameras focused solely on the stunning cover girl who was smiling ear to ear from her car. Once her door opened, the frenzy reached it's highest peak since we first arrived at the Central Islip courthouse on July 2nd. Screams of "Congratulations" and "We love you Christie" were shouted from the media and fans alike as the blonde bombshell proudly made her victory walk as if she was floating on air. Of the spectators were three young children who were waving and calling to the Super Model Mom. Without hesitation, Christie went over to the kids, asked them their names and even posed with them as their Mom took photos on her cell phone. Christie gave the exuberant press thumbs up, peace signs and smiles we won't soon forget before heading upstairs to tell the judge in this case the terms of their settlement. Both Brinkley and Cook are expected to give statements and we will be right back here as soon as we hear it!


Ya Gotta Love Her!

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Day Two: The Saga Continues

Brinkley, in sharp contrast to her mood yesterday, left the courthouse today with a smile on her cover girl face.Cook appeared even cockier today, making snide comments about Christie's testimony and rolling his eyes at reporters questions outside the courthouse.

All Photos: Lisa Wagner/

Day Two of the Brinkley/Cook divorce proceedings began shortly after 9 AM when Christie arrived in her chauffer driven Hybrid (complete with a surfboard on the roof) and her best friend, Today Show correspondent, Jill Rappaport. This is Christie's day to take the stand and though she seems in MUCH better spirits today, there's no doubt that her testimony will be an emotional roller coaster.

Billy Joel & Katie Lee Call It Quits

PHOTO: Billy & Katie Lee Joel File For Divorce.

Photo: Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons

OK, OK, you can stop emailing us. We are officially addressing the elephant in the room!

Christie Brinkley Files Restraining Order Against Peter Cook

Brinkley Fights Back Against Blabbing ExPeter Cook says Brinkley didn't appreciate him enough.

Photos: Lisa Wagner/  

Here we go again!

Just when the dust from their down-and-dirty divorce had begun to settle, Peter Cook has decided to plead his case once more - this time, in the court of public opinion via a tell-all interview with Barbara Walters that will air on ABC's 20/20 this Friday.

Despite a confidentiality agreement, made part of his divorce settlement with ex-wife Christie Brinkley, Cook says he agreed to the teary-eyed sit-down with Barbara Walters in an attempt to show the world that he's “not the scum bag pervert that I've been painted to be.”

As for why he strayed from his marriage, Cook adds, “I think I just suddenly realized when I was getting attention from someone else that this is something that is missing in my life.”

I wanted a little acknowledgment, a little attention, a little 'thank you' every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building.
~ Peter Cook
excerpt from his upcoming 20/20 interview, airing this Friday

That need for acknowledgement and a pat on the back is apparently what drove the lothario architect to begin his affair with a then 18-year-old Dianna Bianchi back in 2006.

Cause and Effect

In response, Christie Brinkley remained her ever graceful self and left the media rebuttals to her attorney, Robert S. Cohen. Cohen released a statement earlier this week that read; “It is shocking that Mr. Cook, after having his day in court, would continue this firestorm created by his bizarre behavior by violating an agreement and court order that prohibits either party from discussing their marriage or divorce in any public way.”

Christie Brinkley Files Restraining Order Against CookBehind the scenes, Brinkley also filed for a temporary restraining order against Cook and a motion for post-judgment relief yesterday in the same Suffolk County Courthouse where their highly publicized divorce played out back in July. Details on the request itself aren't exactly clear, but sources have told us it may be an attempt to temporarily suspend Cook's visitation with their minor children, Jack and Sailor Lee. Considering that his interview will air during his visitation time with the kids, Christie may be trying to keep the children from being exposed to it. If you'll recall, during their public divorce, Christie sent the kids to a remote summer camp out of state so they wouldn't be exposed to the daily barrage of courthouse updates via television and print.

The Bell Rings For Another Round

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's divorce was just finalized this week, but it looks as if the drama of it all is far from over. Now that Cook has violated a court order preventing either side from publicly speaking about their marriage, the couple, or at least their representatives, will be back in court on October 29th. We're also awaiting word on whether the court will grant Christie her temporary restraining order. The judge in this case is expected to rule on that motion later today.

Christie Brinkley Files Restraining Order Against Peter CookAs for Cook, when asked if he wanted Christie to see his upcoming interview, he told Barbara Walters, “I don't think I can avoid that. But I think if she does, what I hope comes of it is that she takes the time to heal herself. And she goes back and remembers that I am that person that she wrote the poems about, that she raved about in magazine articles...I am that person today, that I was then.”

A Word From The Peanut Gallery

OK, let's just do a quick recap, shall we — because I'm a little confused.

He seduced a teenage girl and trolled the internet for porn (to the tune of $3K a month) because Christie didn't say “thank you” or appreciate him enough. He then follows that up by saying his same unappreciative wife wrote poetry about how wonderful he was and raved about to him in magazines.

Uh...okey-dokey, glad we got that cleared up!

I can't help but be reminded of Dr. Stephen Herman's testimony during Christie and Peter's divorce trial. The court-appointed psychiatrist insightfully referred to Peter Cook as a “narcissist” who constantly needs to have his insatiable ego fed, adding the 49-year-old architect “needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy.”

If this interview is a move to feed his ego, he may have just bitten off more than he can chew.

Preview Barbara Walter's 20/20 interview with Peter Cook.
UPDATE: Judge Denies Brinkley's Request

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Christie Hosts Party for Divalysscious Moms

Photo: If You Give a Mom a Martinit (Clarkson Potter)
On Monday night, the Warren-Tricomi Salon at The Plaza will be overrun with "Divalysscious Moms" when Cookie Magazine and host Christie Brinkley celebrate Julie Klappas and Lyss Stern's new book, "If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself."

Word has it guests will treated to mini-manicures and hair consultations as well as time with eyebrow guru Sania Vucetaj.

They'll also enjoy some blissful minutes being pampered at The Warren-Tricomi Plaza Beauty Bar and celebrity mixologist, Alex Ott, will even be on hand to mix the moms custom martinits in-between indulgences.

And you just know any party held at Warren-Tricomi is going to have a killer gift bag!

Jason & Haley Binn Welcome Guests to Their Annual Memorial Day Weekend Bash

On Saturday, Haley and Jason Binn once again opened their home for their annual Memorial Day Weekend Party. Guests included Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel, Susan Lucci and husband Helmet Huber, John "Jellybean" Benitez, Real Housewives Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer, designer Yigal Azrouel, Blue Star Jets President Todd Rome, and of course all of the fine folks behind Hamptons Magazine, including the day's host and Niche Media CEO, Jason Binn, Publisher Debra Halpert, and Editor in Chief Cristina Greeven Cuomo - who was accompanied by her delightful and hunky husband, GMA's Chris Cuomo.

Photo: Debra Halpert, Susan Lucci, Christie Brinkley and Jason Binn

Debra Halpert, Susan Lucci, Christie Brinkley and Jason Binn
Photo: Lisa Wagner/ Blog Hamptons/

More photos after the jump!

Wrapping Up The Weekend

Christie Brinkley and son Jack at Float Fest '08Jerry Seinfeld threw the first pitch at Sunday's Hampton Whalers playoff game against Peekskill at Sag Harbor's Mashashimuet Park. The Whalers beat Peekskill 3-0! It's being reported that Shaquille O'Neil finally arrived at La Playa nightclub more than a few hours late to lend his support to the "Heather on Earth Music Foundation Summer Sensation"
(We gave up on him at 11:40!)

James Blunt spent Friday night chillin' with friends at Dune in Southampton before heading back to the city. Paris Hilton partied with the "Po-Po" and little brother Baron at Lily Pond. Christie Brinkley took the kids out on her newly-acquired-in-the-divorce-settlement boat for "Float Festival 08" off Shelter Island. The blonde bombshell waived to photogs from the deck in a black and white striped bikini top. Tommy & Thalia Matolla joined Petra Nemcova at the 19th Annual Wild, Wild West Carnival held at The Diamond Ranch. Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick took son James Wilke to the beach for some playtime and sand castles this weekend. The couple is said to be spending the rest of the summer at their Amagansett home amid wild accusations and media scrutiny that MB stepped out on SJP with a younger woman.

Day Four: Psych Says Cook Also Likes His Ego Stroked

Today's court recap is short and sweet.
I think Dr. Stephen Herman, the court-appointed psychiatrist, summed it up best today when he said that Peter Cook is a "narcissist" who constantly needs to have his insatiable ego fed. The architect "needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy."

Yep. You're terrific alright.


Christie Brinkley leaves Day Four of her divorce trial in Suffolk County

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

It's Dark on Bay Street

Tonight we were looking forward to seeing Tracy Morgan at The Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. Luckily, before we left (during yet another thunderstorm!) we learned the show had been cancelled "due to illness." Bay Street posted a notice on their website stating that the show will be rescheduled.

Hopefully everyone else on tap for this week stays healthy! We've got Blondie at The Brookhaven Amphitheater, Christie Brinkley at The Heart of the Hamptons, Christine Ebersole and Billy Stritch at The Guild Hall Season Opener and - from the sublime to reality TV wackiness - Kendra Wilkinson (from Playboy and "The Girls Next Door") is hosting her own Celebrity Birthday Bash at The Whitehouse in Hampton Bays.

It's definitely going to be a busy weekend. And that doesn't even include our usual haunts of Dune, La Playa or Lilly Pond. Stay Tuned!

Wild, Wild West Rolls Into Ross

Christie Brinkley at the Wild, Wild West CarnivalChristie Brinkley served as the Honorary Chair at The National Women’s Division of Albert Einstein College of Medicine's 20th Annual Family Day Wild, Wild West Carnival at The Ross School in Bridgehampton on Saturday. Despite the fact that Christie, along with R. Couri Hay and countless other attendees and photographers, mistakenly showed up at Ross School in East Hampton first, the day went off without a hitch and the threatening weather managed to stay at bay for the early afternoon charity carnival.

Presented by Marquis Jet, this year's carnival raised over $350,000 to benefit a new clinical research program at Einstein’s Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) that provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services for children with serious developmental disorders such as autism, language and learning disorders, and hearing impairments. Guests included Elie Tahari, Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, Jason and Haley Binn, Judith Ripka, Daryl Roth, Richard Johnson and Dr. Howard Sobel and their families.

The kids had a non-stop day of family fun that included everything from potato sack races to a kiddie "mechanical bull." Snow cones & burgers were a hit on the kid friendly lunch menu, but every sweet treat was worked off climbing to the top of the super slide, jumping in the moon bouncer and riding the ponies. Our hats off to Marquis Jet for the great activity areas and the plush lounge - it was a welcomed respite for worn out parents. (Especially those that weren't quite as good at the water balloon toss as their kids were!)
[Photos: Lisa Wagner/]

Our Love & Best Wishes to Pablo Guzman

CBS 2 HD's Pablo Guzman Suffers Heart Attack. Photo: Lisa Wagner/

We've just learned that CBS 2 HD's Pablo Guzman is in Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City after suffering a heart attack on Tuesday morning.

Lisa was particularly saddened to hear the news as she had worked the Brinkley/Cook divorce and would often comment on how "sweet and helpful" Pablo was everyday at the Suffolk County Courthouse.

Lisa is out on an assignment tonight, but when we told her the news, she sent back this message from her phone:

"I was so saddened to learn of Pablo Guzman's heart attack. Having just recently met him at the Suffolk County Courthouse where we were covering the Christie Brinkley divorce, I was immediately taken by how kind he is. As our regular readers know, we were not at the courthouse on the morning of July 9th when word first broke that Brinkley & Cook were beginning settlement talks. When I finally arrived at the courthouse later that morning, it was Pablo Guzman who helped bring me up to speed on the morning's developments. He is a kind and generous man and a respected reporter whose integrity is appreciated daily by millions of New Yorkers. We wish him a speedy recovery and send our love and best wishes to Pablo and his family."

- Lisa Caryle Wagner
Blog Hamptons

Looking through Lisa's photos from the trial, it's hard to believe that a man with 99% blockage in one artery was just running and jockeying for sound bites in a suit and tie in that heat! Below is a photo of the craziness at the Suffolk County Courthouse in Central Islip - and Pablo Guzman was smack dab in the middle of it, never missing a beat. As many New Yorker's know, Pablo also narrowly escaped death back in May when he was involved in a horrific car crash and miraculously walked away with only broken ribs and bruises.

Pablo Guzman covering the Brinkley/Cook divorce just weeks before suffering a heart attack. Photo: Lisa Wagner/

We encourage everyone to visit WCBSTV.COM where you can read Pablo's own chilling words on his heart attack and leave your Get Well Wishes for him.

We Partied For a Week! But We Did It For You!

This has been such an unbelievable week! We've been so busy that we haven't had a single update since Wednesday! Unacceptable! We're putting in a request that at least one extra day to be added every week. And no parties, events, or shows can be scheduled on this day. It'll be the new Sunday - a day where we can all actually sleep and play catch-up. We can only hope that you've all been equally as busy celebrating Memorial Day Weekend to notice our absence.

But the good news is, we weren't slacking off and working the BBQ all weekend. We were out covering some of the hottest events in NYC and the Hamptons -- all for you of course. Because, ya know, we're selfless like that.

So here's what we've been up to. Let's pick up where we left off...

On Wednesday when we paid a visit to the Brooklyn set of USA Networks new show, Royal Pains. We had a chance to sit down with the cast and crew for a little Q&A and look forward to bringing you our behind scenes recap. On Thursday we hit up Hudson Terrace in NYC for Hamptons & Gotham Magazine's Summer Kick-Off Party, where the cast of Royal Pains just so happened to the special guests for the evening. On Friday, we were back in the Hamptons and catching Alec Baldwin host the Hamptons International Film Festival's presentation of The Cove at Guild Hall. On Saturday, Jason and Haley Binn welcomed guests like Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel and Susan Lucci to their home for their annual Memorial Day Weekend Bash. We tirelessly took tons of pics, some of which you've probably already seen over at, but fear not, we saved plenty just for you! Saturday also brought us to Guild Hall for Liza Minnelli and Axe Lounge for a preview of what they have in store for everyone this summer. Sunday brought us to yet another Hamptons Magazine bash, this time at Day and Night at Pink Elephant with cover star Anna Paquin. With a dozen or so stops in-between, we capped off a week of insanity back at Axe Lounge where LMFAO performed to packed house.

So stay tuned, because we have all of that and more coming up shortly.

We hope you all had an amazing, fun-filled weekend. Be sure to let us know how you spent your Memorial Day Weekend in comments!

Alexa Ray Joel & Christie Brinkley Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at the Home of Jason & Haley Binn in Southampton
Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons/Splash News & Pictures

Get Well Soon, Alexa Ray Joel!

Alexa Ray Joel Cancels Appearance Due To IllnessSongstress Alexa Ray Joel was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance on The Wendy Williams Show today. Alexa, who just happens to be the über talented daughter of rock legend Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, apparently fell ill shortly before she was due to perform on the show, which tapes here in New York.

Wendy Williams tried to explain Alexa's absence to her audience without getting too hung up on pesky medical jargon; "Alexa Ray Joel was supposed to be here today but she's got a very bad something or other," said Williams, "she was supposed to sing."  While not exactly the most sympathetic or informative announcement we've ever heard, we got the point.

Alexa Ray Joel fans shouldn't be too disappointed though -- always the professional, Alexa has already rescheduled her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show for October 21st.

We wish you a very speedy recovery, Alexa!

Alexa Ray Joel: A Family Affair

Super proud, Super Model Mom Christie Brinkley beams with pride after Alexa Ray's concert in Sag Harbor. Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

There was a reversal of roles in Sag Harbor on Saturday night.
A budding singer, pianist and lyricist was holding an intimate performance on the front lawn of the Whaling Museum -- and a six-time Grammy Award winning, Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame inductee, with more than 150 million in album sales, was the admiring fan in the front row.

The budding songstress was Alexa Ray Joel.
The fan was one proud Piano Man, and father, Billy Joel.

If You Absolutely, Positively Have To Cheat

Brian Platt Suing Southampton Police Chief Willaim Wilson. Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comDon't let this guy find out!

Brian Platt, the man who broke the news to Christie Brinkley that her husband was sleeping with his then 18-year old step daughter, Diana Bianchi, is back in the news today.

The Daily News is reporting that Platt, a Southampton police officer, also blew the lid off an affair a Southampton police lieutenant was having with a seasonal officer back in 2004. Only problem for Platt is, rather than his whistle blowing landing him the lead story on Entertainment Tonight, he alleges it's getting him nothing but retaliation. You see, the alleged amorist lieutenant went on to become Southampton Police Chief William Wilson and now Platt has filed a law suit in Long Island Federal Court accusing Wilson and Southampton Town officials of retaliating against him for reporting the alleged affair. Apparently unfair actions that Platt believes are worth $1.5 million in damages!

Platt's attorney, Steven Morelli, told The Daily News' John Marzulli that Platt didn't report Wilson's alleged affair with a subordinate officer just because it was inappropriate, but that he did so because he felt the female officer involved was receiving preferential treatment. "He is being retaliated against on the basis of reporting discrimination."

Platt, who has been out on medical leave due to a back injury, is also said to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by the death of a man he tasered with a stun gun. Among Platt's allegations are that Chief Wilson has established new policies that put disabled officers under increased surveillance.

Stories like this must bring Peter Cook great joy.

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Cook: The Three Thousand Dollar Perv

Spotlight Photo: Seth Meyers at Ross

Photo: Seth Meyers Entertains the crowd at Ross School's Club Starlight Benefit Gala

Photo: Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons/Splash News

Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers was among the featured performers at Saturday night's Club Starlight benefit gala at Ross School in East Hampton. Seth kept guests like Christie Brinkley and Martha Stewart in stitches as he compared the prestigious Ross School to his "lame ass public school."

Stay tuned for more from our wonderful evening at Ross!

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Spotlight Photo: James Ingram Live at Ross
Spotlight Photo: Alexa Ray Joel Belle of the Ball

Cook: The Three Thousand Dollar Perv

Brinkley looking frazzled after a full day in court where she listened to graphic testimony from her soon to be ex husband and his former teenage mistress.As we posted last week, we opted out of participating in the speculative rumor mill surrounding the Brinkley/Cook divorce. But today we leave the land of speculation and go inside the courtroom for Day One of their divorce proceedings. We are at the courthouse - reporting as the events unfold.

Christie arrived at the Suffolk County Court House looking lovely in a white blouse and khaki skirt. She struggled to hold back the tears as a wall of media surrounded her before she even exited her vehicle.

Cook struck as as smug as he entered and exited the courtroom.One can only assume that Brinkley, having successfully fought for the right to have her divorce proceedings made public, must have felt somewhat vindicated when her attorney kicked off the morning by telling the open court that Cook spent $3,000 a month on internet sex sites, including "" Her attorney painted Cook as a grim, sexual deviant who has even accessed some of his numerous internet sex sites under his young, adopted son Jack's screen name.

As courtroom spectators, which included Dianna Bianchi's parents, hung on every salacious word, neither Cook nor Brinkley so much as glanced in each other's direction. However, Brinkley's mood did grow more emotional as her attorney continued with claims that Cook didn't want the children with them at the dinner table and told how the lothario didn't like Alexa and eventually grew to tire of Jack after his biological child with Brinkley, Sailor, was born.

The Borrowed Blog: Bouncing, Hiding & Running

Ed Kleenfield Bounces His Way To Two More ArrestesOK, now this is really getting out of hand!

Ed "Jean Luc' Kleefield has added two more arrests to his resume. On August 5th the restaurateur was busted for issuing a worthless payroll check in the amount of $2,200, and then on August 12th he was back in the hoosegow for signing his name to a piece of paper that he tried to pass off as a $12K rent check. Ed, WTF?  [Curbed H]

Ralph Lauren made an appearance at Guild Hall's Art of Fashion event on Friday night. Too bad he didn't want anyone to know!  [Page Six]

More than 600 runners & walkers participated in the 14th Annual Ellen's Run and raised more than $135,000 for breast cancer awareness and research! Kudos and sincere thanks to each and every one of you!  []

For just $35 million, you too can live like a rock star! Or, if the recession has you watching your pennies, you can live like a rock star's ex-Super-Model-wife for a mere $30 million.  [HiTH]

An Ode to Billy in Brooklyn

It's not that we can't get enough of Christie Brinkley's ex's, but this one was just too fun to pass up. And, we love Billy Joel.
Original Source: Deadspin Sports News & Brooklyn Cyclones

On Saturday, July 12th, Billy Joel fans can celebrate their favorite Piano Man at KeySpan Park and have a chance to win two tickets to Joel's Last Play at Shea! If you get there early and are among the first 2,500 fans through the turnstiles, you'll also receive a commemorative baseball depicting Long Island's own honorary Bayman. There will also be Billy Joel-themed trivia contests and sing-a-longs of his most popular tunes (because there's nothing like a rousing chorus of Scenes From an Italian Restaurant during the seventh-inning stretch). Giveaways will also include prize packs featuring The Stranger Deluxe Box Set, a limited edition poster and a vinyl copy of the original The Stranger album.

You can check out Deadspin's full blog post to learn about more upcoming events the Brooklyn Cyclones are hosting...particularly the Pork Rind Sculpture Contest...ya know, if you're into that sort of thing. And really, who isn't?

Update: 11:35 PM

By the way, anyone who attended Billy Joel's performance at Social last summer will know how thrilled Billy must be that they didn't use the
"Rabbi Rabinowitz" pic on the baseball! ;)

Jason Binn Sits Down With Bloomberg TV

Jason BinnIt's not all soiree's and glamour for media mogul Jason Binn. The founder and CEO of Niche Media LLC and Publisher of Hamptons Magazine has actual business to tend to when he's not sipping champagne and hosting guests like Christie Brinkley and Anna Paquin.

Recently, Binn sat down with Venture host Cris Valerio to talk about Ocean Drive (the glossy that started it all), the magazine publishing industry as a whole, and his business model for luxury, regional magazines -- a model that remains steadfast in maintaining its minimum requirements to send out free subscriptions to readers.

So what is the minimum requirement? Let's just say, 'If you have to ask,' you don't qualify. The mere fact that you own a million-dollar-plus home won't help you make the grade. That annual income of over $250K you're so proud of? It's a good start, but that alone won't get you on the mailing list either. Add an excess of $1 Million in liquid assets to all of the above and then, and only then, might they deem you worthy of postage.

West Side Story Returns To Broadway

The Sharks and The Jets Return To The Great White Way


The stars were out in full force at the Palace Theater on Thursday for opening night of West Side Story. The return of the romantic musical tragedy welcomes Matt Cavenaugh and Josefina Scaglione as our favorite star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria. This latest revival, directed by the legendary Tony Award-winning Arthur Laurents, adds an authentic ethnic nod to the production by performing a portion of the dialogue and songs in Spanish. "Me siento bastante!"

Kathleen Turner, Spike Lee, Vanessa Williams, Michael Kors, and Christie Brinkley were among the many stars who turned out for opening night. Our friends over at Entertainment Tonight were front row on the red carpet and captured all the action.

Click here to launch ET's pop-up video and be sure to visit for more from opening night of West Side Story.

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Seen & Heard: Fourth of July In The Hamptons

Alex McCord, Georgica's Executive Chefs Seth Levine & Robert Hesse, and Simon Van Kempen
Photo Courtesy of Georgica Restaurant & Lounge

From Georgica to the Montauk Yacht Club, Shelter Island to Hayground, we've got the rundown of who partied, dined...and learned to fly!

Spotlight Photo: Alexa Ray Joel Belle of the Ball

Photo: Ross alumna Alexa Ray Joel wows the audience at Ross School's 6th Annual Live at Club Starlight gala

Photo: Lisa Wagner/Blog Hamptons/Splash News

The always stunning Alexa Ray Joel dazzled the star-studded audience at Ross School's 6th Annual Live at Club Starlight gala Saturday night. The Ross School alumna performed a short set of original music that showcased her vocal range and lyrical prowess for guests that included her super-model-mom Christie Brinkley, Ross School founder Courtney Sale Ross, Martha Stewart, Brenda Seimer Scheider, Mitchell Kriegman, Steven Gaines, Whitney & James Fairchild, and fellow performers Seth Meyers and James Ingram.

To learn more about Alexa Ray Joel's music, you can visit her online at

Here's a peek at more from Alexa's performance at Club Starlight...

Broadway Mourns Natasha Richardson

Broadway Goes Dark As Stars Remember Actress & Friend

Broadway bid a sad farewell to actress Natasha Richardson Thursday night - dimming their marquees in her honor, at exactly 8 p.m., for one minute. Liam Neeson, who just the day before made the painstaking decision to have the 45-year-old Tony-award winning actress removed from life support, showed a brave but grieving face on the Great White Way as he witnessed Broadway go dark in tribute of his beloved Natasha.

Neeson was supported by the embrace of friends and loved ones, including Richardson's mother and sister, Oscar-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick also shared the moment with Neeson, watching as each theater went dark and touching applause for the actress swept throughout the theater district.

It was on Broadway where Liam first met Natasha, his wife of 15 years, when they starred together in Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie" in 1993. Natasha Richardson went on to win a Tony in 1998 for playing Sally Bowles in "Cabaret."

Her sudden and tragic death has rocked the acting community from Broadway to Hollywood and former co-stars, friends and gracious admirers of her work have been expressing their sorrow and offering their heartfelt condolences to Neeson and the couple's children.

Your Friday Video & Weekend Highlights

Super Saturday 12We are SO late today! Two and half hours past our usual post time and we're just now getting to the weekend highlights! But this is one weekend when you don't really need much help from us - because let's face it; it's all about Super Saturday 12!!

“The Rolls-Royce of garage sales” is being held tomorrow, August 1st, at Nova’s Ark Project in Water Mill and we can't think of one person who won't be attending! The 12th annual charity shopping event will be hosted once again by the extraordinary Donna Karan, Kelly Ripa, InStyle's Ariel Foxman and Gossip Girl Blake Lively. Over 200 vendors will assemble for the daylong fund-raising event which of course benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Shoppers will enjoy steep discounts by some of the biggest names in fashion including Valentino, Diane von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Catherine Malandrino, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Alice+Olivia, La Perla and sooooo many more!

You'll need a ticket, and they don't come cheap. Tickets are $450 to $650 for adults, but this is for charity folks and the discounts you'll receive are not to believed!! But for those who can't attend in person, you can still 'Shop for the Cause' thanks to QVC. QVC will be hosting "Super Saturday Live" from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 1st, and viewers can shop by phone or online to purchase Kenneth Jay Lane accessories and Bare Escentuals makeup, just to name a few, at 50 percent off regular retail prices.

Also of note this weekend is Southampton Hospital’s 51st Annual Summer Party...

Gina Glickman: Still Hot In The Hamptons

TV Host Gina Glickman and Molly SimsSet you Tivo's Long Island! Everyone's favorite insider, Gina Glickman, is back with another sizzling season of “What's Hot In The Hamptons.”

For the past decade, Gina Glickman has been bringing all of the red carpet action - along with the biggest movers & shakers in the Hamptons - right into our living rooms with her popular summer series, “What's Hot In The Hamptons: Celebrity Hotspots and Events.” Somehow Gina manages to kick-up her coverage year after year with her one-on-one interviews and unprecedented access to the most exclusive events in the Hamptons. And from the looks of things, the multi-talented Glickman has outdone herself yet again this season. What's on tap for “What's Hot” in 2009? Glickman's celebrity interview list reads like a who's-who from television, music and film: Martha Stewart, Liza Minnelli, Anna Paquin, Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel, Christie Brinkley, Susan Lucci, Molly Sims, Nick Cannon, Seth Myers, Bethenny Frankel, Jill Zarin, and Ramona Singer are just a few of the names viewers can expect to see this season. All of that and it's only July. Just wait 'til Gina hits Polo!

Gina Glickman has almost as many credits and titles to her name as some of her celeb interviews. TV host, entertainment & feature correspondent, director, writer and executive producer are just some of the hats our favorite host wears when she's not showing off her own fashions and interview skills at hotspots all over the East End. Glickman's broad and socially conscious coverage of the Hamptons has put her summer series in a class all its own. “What's Hot” has consistently delivered local programming with a culturally diverse, ethical and socially responsible balance between charity and celebrity. Gina Glickman has long been a dedicated supporter of local social issues and charitable foundations, always sharing their missions with her viewers and ultimately raising awareness on Long Island and beyond.

You can catch Gina and a new season of “What's Hot In The Hamptons: Celebrity Hotspots and Events” when it premieres tonight, July 10th, at 7 PM exclusively on News12 Long Island. On Saturday, July 11th, “What's Hot” will also begin replaying on weekends, so be sure to check out your local Cablevision channel guide for airtimes.

Your Friday Video & Weekend Highlights

Wow, what a day. We've were plaqued with techincal issues today and for a while there, we weren't even sure if we'd have the problem fixed by Monday! But we're pretty sure we have a handle on it now and all seems to operating per usual.

Ashton Kutcher stars in Spread, in theaters August 14thNow onto the name that's been on everyone's lips this week, Ashton Kutcher! Ashton and Demi Moore will be in the Hamptons this Saturday for the premiere of his new movie Spread in East Hampton. Expected guests at the premiere include co-star Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva, Sebastian Stan and Gotham and Hamptons Magazines Editor in Chief, Cristina Cuomo and Niche Media CEO Jason Binn. Word has it Demi & Ashton may even be attending the after party at Lily Pond, so if you're looking to rub elbows with sexy power couple, that's the place to be. Good luck getting in though - the after party is a private, Niche Media event, so it'll be a V-VIP night for sure!

Britnny Gastineau is said to be hitting up AXE Lounge on Saturday night, Bethenny Frankel will launching her new Skinnygirl Margarita line at Montauk Yacht Club, and just about every author under the sun will be at the 5th Annual Authors Night benefit at The East Hampton Library. Guests can expect Alec Baldwin, Sex & The City's Candace Bushnell and Barbara Walters, just to name of few of the 120 noted authors that will be in attendance. Also making our hot list this Saturday is the one and only Donna Karan. She'll be hosting a cocktail reception for Edward Wilkerson at his “Tribal Knowledge” installation at Urban Zen in Sag Harbor, and Social LIfe Magazine will be opening up their estate for an exclusive reception for racecar driver Tim George Jr. to celebrate his August cover. And of course, before we get our evening duds on, we'll be spending Saturday afternoon at Polo when Diamond Teak presents Week Four of the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field.

On Sunday morning, the annual Wild, Wild West Carnival rolls back into town and Christie Brinkley will once again be serving as host for the 20th annual Family Day that benefits the National Women’s Division of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. This year, the Wild, Wild West Carnival moves from the Diamond Ranch in Watermill to Ross School on Butter Lane. And on Sunday night we'll be at The 2009 Great Chefs Dinner at Hayground School where the top culinary names of the East End will be coming together to celebrate and honor the legacy of Jeff Salaway.

It's a full weekend for sure and we want to hear how you're going to be spending it! Let us know in comments or drop us line over on Twitter. We'll be tweeting our way through weekend so, if you aren't already following us on Twitter, this is a good weekend to start!
For a full list of this weekend's highlights, check out our Calendar of Events!

Now, let's get this weekend started already...

Where In The World Is Michael Strahan?

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

OK, so the weekend is over, Christie Brinkley has officially left the courthouse, we've uploaded, downloaded, transcribed and wi-fi'd ourselves to death, and now we finally have a minute's rest to do the weekend recap. Whew!

The first thing you need to know about this past weekend is that you didn't need Hampton Angels, a publicist, or Mike Satsky's phone number in your iPhone to get the inside scoop on all of the hot parties. All you needed to do was follow Michael Strahan. That man, and his DROP DEAD GORGEOUS girlfriend, Nicole Murphy (yes, that Nicole Murphy), was everywhere this weekend.

We first spotted the sexy couple at Jill & Bobby Zarin's Fourth of July party in Sag Harbor. There they hung poolside with The Real Housewives of NYC - minus the film crew and definitely minus the McCord–Van Kempens. Then we found Michael & Nicole again over at The Estate where they hung with Ryan Seacrest, Charlie Walk, Eugene Remm, Mark Birnbaum, Rocco DiSpirito and Brandon Davis.

Ciroc Vodka Hosts Diddy July 4th at Lily PondTHEN we hit up Lily Pond for Diddy's Cîroc Party and who did we see? Oh yes...Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy. And I just have to go on record as saying that woman brings a whole new meaning to abs of steel! She is flawless!

After waiting until almost 2 AM for Diddy's not-so-grand arrival, we were pretty spent. Before leaving we also saw Jaci and Morris Reid and Fabolous. (BTW Jaci...We were loving that dress!) After Lily, we debated whether or not to carry on to the Whitehouse in Hampton Bays to catch the tail end of Donnie Klang's performance, but we decided to pass. Sure, this was a working weekend, but there was still a lot more work to be done - and sleep was a necessary evil so we had to be choosey.

There's more after the jump!

Jaci & Morris Reid at Lily Pond

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Is It Too Late For a Wrap Up?

You know what they say...better late than never!

Lola Consuelos and Mom Kelly Ripa. Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comAlec Baldwin kicked off another amazing weekend on Friday night at Guild Hall’s Annual Summer Gala. The annual gala started at Guild Hall with a special preview of Larry Rivers: Major Early Works and finished with a lavish dinner at Mulford Farm and a live auction by auctioneer Simon De Pury followed by dancing to the celebrated sound of Peter Duchin conducting the Peter Duchin Orchestra. On Saturday morning Miss Lola Consuelos made sure her Mom, Kelly Ripa, didn’t sleep in late. Lola and Kelly were among the first to arrive at Ross School for a special Jonas Brothers concert. Sailor Lee Cook kept her Dad, Peter Cook, on time as well while brother Jack kept an eye on Mom Christie Brinkley. Ali and Cody Lohan brought Mom Dina to the concert and Little Miss Sunshine herself, Abigail Breslin joined them all in dancing the day away and swooning over Kevin, Joe and Nick.

Katie Lee Joel and MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe at Polo - August 9, 2008. Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comAfter Ross it was off to the Bridgehampton Polo Club for an afternoon of partying despite the cancellation of yet another match. Rain during the week left the polo field too wet to play on, so all of the action was kept under the tents. Katie Lee Joel was the day’s host and looked stunning in her Fendi dress and purple pumps. Katie’s good friend, Beth Ostrosky, stopped by and brought her house guest, Robin Quivers, along to mingle in the VIP tent. Dina, Ali and Cody Lohan also made a pit-stop at Polo as did fashion maven Liza Deyrmenjian, Page Six’s Richard Johnson, Jaci and Morris Reid, Social Life’s Devorah Rose, Russell Simmons and MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe.

After Polo the crowds were split between many worthy fund raising events. Gwyneth Paltrow supported the Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue Organization party, at photographer Steven Klein's Bridgehampton farm, as did Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Andrew Saffir, Nicole Miller, Sale Johnson, Russell Simmons, Katie Lee Joel, Rosanna Scotto, Rocco DiSpirito and Marcy Warren. Madonna was the much hyped but disappointing no show, though she could have been standing right next to us and we wouldn’t have known – the party was PITCH BLACK!

Matthew Reeve welcomes guests to The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's Annual Hamptons Summer Soiree. Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comOver in Southampton Matthew Reeve, son of Christopher Reeve, hosted The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s annual Summer Soiree at the Pink Elephant. Matthew told us of the great work the foundation has been doing since we saw him at last year’s Soiree at B. Smith’s. We are especially grateful for the foundation’s efforts as shortly after meeting Matthew last summer, someone very close to our family suffered a severe spinal cord injury and worked closely with The Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation through his ongoing rehabilitation. Matthew was moved to hear of his progress and stressed the importance of fund raisers such as this to help raise funds for additional research to develop treatments and cures for paralysis.

Matthew’s sister, Alexandra, who also sits on the board of the foundation, was missed at this year’s fund raiser - Matthews tells us Alexandra is in London prepping for her Bar Exam and planning her upcoming wedding. Congrats to Alexandra on both!

Henry Buhl opened his Southampton home to host Sunflowers After Hours. The event raised money for The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (A.C.E.), an organization which was founded by Buhl. Honorary chair, Susan Sarandon, was unable to attend the event, but that didn’t stop guests like Ramona Singer from celebrating their 16th year of “helping the homeless help themselves” with an elegant Clambake and dancing to the sounds of NY City Swing. CBS 2’s Kirstin Cole served as the evening host.

VH1 Holds Casting Call For Rock of Love Bus Starring Bret Michaels at Porky's in Hampton Bays - August 9, 2008. Photo: Lisa Wagner/SplashNews.comFrom the sublime to the thoroughly ridiculous, we capped off Saturday night at Porky’s in Hampton Bays to shoot the open casting call for VH1’s Rock of Love Bus staring Bret Michaels. We expected an endless line of desperate hopefuls and reality star wannabe’s, but what we got instead were five women, most of whom had found their courage at the bottom of the club's signature drink, F.U.B.A.R. One Rock of Love hopeful didn't even know who Bret Michaels is but signed up with VH1 anyway for her shot at 15 minutes of fame.

Sunday brought another day of fund raising to Ross, this time at Ross Lower School in Bridgehampton. Tony Hawk held the first East Coast version of his Stand Up For Skateparks benefit, which was presented by Activision. Jon Bon Jovi, Vern Troyer, and Ralph Macchio all made appearances. Peggy Siegel screened Woody Allen’s new movie "Maria Cristina Barcelona" in Southampton and guests including Calvin Klein all gathered at Savannah's afterwards for cocktails.

Around town Alexa Ray Joel hung out at Grappa, Stacy Keibler and boyfriend Geoff Stults partied at Surf Lodge, and Gwyneth dined at Nick & Toni’s, as did Calvin Klein, David Geffen and Sandy Gallin.

What can we say? Just another hum-drum weekend in the Hamptons. ;)

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