Technically, They're Calling It Technical Problems

...which translates to, "we're not quite sure what the problem is."

All morning we've been experiencing "technical problems" and have been unable to successfully post anything. When we could get a post up, it would magically disappear or cause SQL errors! We're not even sure how long this post will be visible!

Our hosting company is working on it, and I'm working on it, and we hope to have it resolved soon - but we've already been at it since we noticed the problem at 8:45 a.m. and we're not much further along than when we started.

At last check, the Calendar was still loading, so if we're not back up in time to post our Weekend Highlights, we hope you'll visit the Calendar of Events for a rundown. (And now I just rnoticed I can't add links either!)

We hope to have this resolved soon...fingers crossed! If we’re not back up by 5 o’clock, we will see you at Polo, the Spread premiere in East Hampton, Author’s Night in East Hampton, the Skinnygirl Margarita Launch at the Montauk Yacht Club and of course, at AXE Lounge - just to name a few!

Wish us luck!

Desperately Seeking More Hours In The Day - And Eager Interns!

We Want You!Hey everyone!

First let me apologize for the infrequency of posts this week. We've been covering so much of the debate and the protests - along with the start of the Hamptons Film Festival and the Brinkley/Cook saga that refuses to's been a busy week. So busy that we've been stretched a bit thin and it's been hard to find the time in between editing and uploading to all of the news outlets we supply content for, that we haven't been able to update our own news.

And just when we thought we'd have a morning free to play catch-up, we got the call about a possible pipe bomb at MacArthur Airport and breaking news on a Peter Cook sex tape! Does it ever end?

Considering that we have to be back in Sag Harbor by 3pm for the Hamptons International Film Festivals "A Conversation With...Jacqueline Bisset" on top of everything else, today isn't looking good for updates. BUT - we promise we'll be back with a vengeance tonight, after all of the HIFF events, with a boat load of updates and a little inside scoop!

In the meantime, we'd like to officially announce that is actively seeking interns. Writers and photographers interested in covering events ranging from movie premiers to hot Hamptons parties should drop us an email that includes current samples of you work. For photographers, we prefer to view an online portfolio, but if you must send photo samples through email, please limit the file size of each image to 1.5 MB. At this time, we are looking for writers and photographers to cover events in NYC and on the East End. All candidates must have the ability to upload remotely and photographers must have their own equipment, including a Digital SLR (minimum 8 MP), and external flash.

If you're interested in covering some of the hottest events in town for Blog Hamptons, please email

All submissions will be kept confidential.

We Are Now

Blog Hamptons is finally home at bloghamptons.comIt's official!!

We are have finally found our home at!

After a weekend full of doubt and worry, server problems and marathon coding sessions, we have finally moved to our new home at!

We have loved our time on the pages of L. Caryle Photography but, after an amazing summer and such tremendous support, it was time for us to expand our wings and move to a site of our own. Absolutely nothing will change as far as our readers are concerned. We will have the same layout you have come to know and love, and all of our content and previous posts will move with us to our new home. To help with the transition, both and will have the same content mirrored at each site until this fall. After that, Blog Hamptons will only be found at - though our partner site,, will always have a big ol' link to us!

We are so excited to finally have our new home at and we look forward to continuing to grow with all of our new friends and readers and bring you the absolute best the Hamptons have to offer. Thanks again to everyone who stood by us through our transition and please remember to update your bookmarks to reflect our new home

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