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The Borrowed Blog: Weekly Roundup

Gisele Bundchen Speaks Out On Brady's Son to Vanity FairOur week in review starts off with two items courtesy of Vanity Fair...

The first no doubt sent a chill down Bridget Moynahan’s spine when Gisele Bundchen, in an article that accompanied her nearly-nude photo spread, told VF that she feels Moynahan’s son with Tom Brady is 100 percent hers. That had to sting!

The second piece surely sent a chill down the spines of trophy wives everywhere – at least those who suddenly find themselves sans servants.
Spring Cleaning for Recessionistas? It’s a Hot List of must haves for those who can no longer afford a housekeeper but can still shell out $400 on a vacuum.

Two people not experiencing recession pains are Sir Paul McCartney and girlfriend Nancy Shevell. The Post’s Selim Algar reported that Sir Paul and Shevell toured his Amagansett compound last weekend to check on construction of a new three-bedroom guest house he’s having built on the grounds.

And speaking of real estate, we were thrilled with the announcement that Jennifer Gould Keil -- widow of The Post's beloved Braden Keil -- will take over his "Gimme Shelter" column starting next week.

Team Bethenny or Team Kelly? The Real Housewives of NYC were in full catfight mode this week. After Bethenny & Kelly's "we're not friends" meeting at the Brass Monkey, they each hit various media outlets to plead their cases in the court of public opinion.
So what do you think, peanut gallery?

In more entertainment news, "ER" ended it's 15-year run on NBC, Boston hates Jay Leno and Rod Blagojevich celebrated his indictment at Disney World.

The New York Times reviewed “The Forbidden Apple: A Century of Sex and Sin in New York City,” by Kat Long -- an unbounded overview of New York’s sexual evolution from the Gilded Age through the Guiliani Years.

Ah yes, Guiliani...
Gawker hates him even more than Boston hates Leno.
(For the record, we've spoken with and photographed Rudy Guiliani on many occassions, and never once did we fear for the welfare of our kitten. We're just sayin'.)

And last but not least… "Thank you, Katie Lee, and right back at ya!"

Google's April Fool's Joke On Autopilot

Google Launches Gmail Autopilot

As geeky as sounds, every year I look forward to seeing what equally geeky prank Google will pull on April Fool's Day.

As always, they didn't let me down. They even switched things up and snuck this year's little nugget onto my Gmail homepage. I give you Google's latest innovation...Gmail Autopilot!

Let us know what April Fool's Day pranks you come across today.

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