Celebs Sound Off On Kanye's Disrespect of Swift

Kanye West steels Taylor Swift's spotlightEven though at this point she's preaching to the choir, Pink called out Kanye West for the man he really is. After Kanye barged on stage and took the microphone away from 19-year-old Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at last night's VMA's, celebs and fans alike took to Twitter to slam Kanye for his inexcusable and disrespectful stunt.

Taylor Swift had just won Best Female Music Video for "You Belong With Me" when seconds into her acceptance speech Kanye West appeared, took the microphone out of her hand, and proceeded to go on yet another award show rant -- this time, insinuating that Swift didn't deserve the win and giving a jaw dropping shout out to Beyoncé, who was also nominated.

"Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. "One of the best videos of all time!"

~ Kanye "King of the Award Show Tantrums" West
By the time he was done, a stunned Swift stood there looking like a wounded deer caught in the headlights - and her time had run out. At 19, having just won her first VMA, her moment was gone. (Watch the video after the jump.)

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Ashton Kutcher tweets of the emergency landing his plane made was forced to make today.

Was Ashton Kutcher en route to New York when his plane was forced to make an emergency landing? He is due to be in the Hamptons on August 8th to premiere his new movie Spread in East Hampton, so chances are he was heading this way. Wherever he is, we're just glad everyone's OK!

UPDATE: New York it is! Minutes after Ashton tweeted about his scary ordeal, he posted this follow up: “happy to be alive. lets celebrate. party tonight at Turtle Bay Bar in #NYC. Say “Spread” at the door for 1/2 off drinks! on me!”

UPDATE #2: New Yorks it isn't! Ashton's plane made the emergency landing in Las Vegas where he had just premiered Spread at the Palms Casino Resort the night before. It was a private plane that left Las Vegas McCarran International Aiport shortly before 1 p.m. and experienced trouble right after take off. The plane was cleared for an emergency landing and returned back to McCarran about 6 minutes later. Ashton Kutcher was also flying with wife Demi Moore who had her own tweet on the subject: “Yep it is always an adventure in Vegas emergency landing and all.”

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