Fab Find: Xanté Ginger Martini

Even though our 12 day medical hiatus forced us to miss Closing Day of the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field, we recently had the opportunity to enjoy the day's signature drink, the Xanté Ginger Martini. Xanté and Hamptons Magazine hosted the closing day celebration at Polo and the Ginger Martini's were a huge hit in the VIP tent - and we can taste why! Xanté is described as a “ménage a trois combining the sweetness of virgin pears with a touch of the finest French Cognac matured for four years in French Limousine Oak barreled with hints of vanilla.” Pairing it with ginger and lemon not only cuts some of the sweetness, but it's the perfect complement to the notes of pear. It definitely cracked our list of new favorite drinks and was introduced just in time to become the ‘it’ cocktail for Fall.

Xanté Ginger Martini

For more cocktail ideas using Xanté Liqueur, visit drinkxante.com.

Fab Find: Seagram's Raspberry Martini

Thanks to Russell Simmons, we have a new favorite drink!

While chatting it up at the bar at Russell's Art For Life Benefit, we were turned on to this fruity concoction by Seagram's and we've been hooked ever since. It's technically called a Seagram's Raspberry Martini, though we were served the refreshing cocktail on the rocks and in a tumbler. We've since tried it both ways, and we happen to prefer it on ice.

Who even knew that Seagram's made a Raspberry Rum? Complete surprise! But we're thoroughly in love with it and would like to officially extend our taste tasting skills to Seagram's any time they have a new raspberry potion they'd like to try out. Of course, we'll need to have a decent supply on hand - we figure a case should do just fine - you know, what with summer house guests and all. First rule of entertaining is to have enough for everyone! ;)

Fab Find: Seagram's Raspberry Martini

For more cocktail ideas with Seagram's new line of flavored Rums, visit seagramsrum.com.

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