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Photo: Seasonnaires Force To Postpone Hamptons Silent Disco Due To Fog

For those of you who put on your beachy disco duds to party down with The Seasonnaires at Main Beach, the folks at Jack Wills would like to say, "We're sorry!"

Their much anticipated Silent Disco at Main Beach in East Hampton had to be postponed due to fog - and Blog Hamptons was one of those outlets that didn't get memo. According to a rep for Jack Wills, they were under the impression that their PR firm had sent out a notice to all print & web media to alert them of the change of venue at 4pm. Unfortunately, we were inadvertently left off the ol' CC list and therefore we weren't able to update of all you. So, that means, apologies all around on behalf of everyone!

We spoke with a bloke over at Jack Wills earlier and here's what we were told...

“It was such a beautiful day and out of nowhere a sea fog covered the beach and we were informed by officials that the beach wouldn’t be a suitable location for our type of event. So we had to postpone!! Which was extremely frustrating considering we had planned and come all this way. Unfortunately, as we were only in the Hamptons for one weekend, we had to act fast and come up with a Plan B. As a result, we updated our Twitter feed to say we would be at Madame Tongs and AXE Lounge later that evening!”

~ The Jack Wills Seasonnaires
OK, so no Silent Disco this weekend. But they're coming back! And because they're Jack Wills, and “Fabulously British,” they'd like to make it up to any of our readers who may have gone to Main Beach only to be left dancing all alone in the fog - in real silence! If you didn't catch up with the party over at Madame Tong's, let The Seasonnaires know that you're a “Blog Hamptons Silent Disco Dancer” and they'll send you out a gift bag courtesy of Jack Wills. The gift bag has a T-Shirt and “Party Pants” inside, so you'll be right in style ready to “get a lit'l bit Brit” at their next Hamptons beach bash! We think it's a class act gesture, because let's face it; nothing says I'm sorry like a pair of neon party panties! To receive your complimentary gift bag, simply send your name and mailing address to: - and don't forget to let them know that you're a “Blog Hamptons Silent Disco Dancer!”

I think Plum TV's Keanan Duffty should get TWO gift bags! ;)


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