“Hampton Star Map” Makes It's Debut

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Hampton Star MapThanks to a 16-year-old mogul in the making, you're search for hot Hampton celebrities just got a little bit easier. Carter Glatt, an enterprising junior at Horace Mann, recently launched the “Hampton Star Map,” an insider’s guide to over 65 celebrity homes and hotspots in the Hamptons. Inspired by Hollywood's touristy star maps, Glatt has compiled the addresses of everyone from Spielberg to De Niro. For only $7.95, his “Hampton Star Map” will lead you to some of the South Fork's hottest hedgerow – a dream come true for celeb watchers and real estate junkies, but a nightmare for the bevy of famous and über private occupants who made the list.

We have to give it up to the teenage entrepreneur for tapping in to a niche market, but what’s next? Double-decker bus tours and some cheesy guy in a worn out Spider-Man costume greeting folks fresh off the Jitney?

The times they are a changin’.

The “Hampton Star Map” is available online at hamptonstarmap.com


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