Colin Powell Supports His Daughter at Guild Hall

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Colin Powell was in the audience for his daughter Linda's performance at Guild Hall in East Hampton.There was a four-star audience at Guild Hall on Saturday night for the staged reading of Clare Coss’ “Emmett, Down In My Heart.” Retired four-star General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell and his wife Alma attended the reading which starred Danny Glover, Kathleen Chalfant and Linda Powell, Colin's Daughter. The General and his lovely wife sat in box seats in the John Drew Theater at Guild Hall and met privately with the cast backstage after the performance. The Powell's had decided not to attend the VIP Garden Reception following the performance, we're told because they didn’t want to take any attention away from the cast.

We'll have more tomorrow on "Emmett, Down In My Heart" and the brilliant job Clare Coss and the cast did of bringing the story Emmett Till to life. We'll also have more photos of Colin Powell, Danny Glover, Mercedes Ruehl, B. Smith, Director Jim Lawson and the entire cast!

[Photo: Lisa Wagner/Splash News]


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