MYC Explains 'Cirque Sublime' Cancellation

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Montauk Yacht Club Explains Cirque Sublime CancelationWe weren't alone last Saturday night when we pulled into the parking lot of The Montauk Yacht Club only to find an empty field where a "Fellini-esque" Big Top should have been. As we stood there staring at an empty great lawn, like completely confused puppies, we noticed a few equally confused guests who, like us, never received the memo that the Cirque Sublime event had been cancelled.

So we had to ask...what happened to the contortionists, fire-eaters, mentalists and erotic aerialists? No one on-site at MYC had much info for us on Saturday night, so we turned to General Manager Lloyd Van Horn and asked for the inside scoop on the cancellation -- and why we weren't notified.

According to Mr. Van Horn, there was a cancellation notice sent out to the media from Alchimia Public Relations. "Unfortunately," said Mr. Van Horn, was inadvertently omitted from that notification list. He apologized for the oversight and added that cancellation of Cirque Sublime "was a huge loss for us as we were really looking forward to the event."

Better late than never, we have since received that cancellation notice:
Producers of the planned “Cirque Sublime” extravaganza slated for September 26 at the Montauk Yacht Club announced the cancellation of the upcoming performance, citing a misunderstanding with the town regarding the permits necessary for the erection of the tent on the property of the Montauk Yacht Club. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to rectify the situation by the end of this week.

Lloyd Van Horn, General Manger of the Montauk Yacht Club, hopes that the producers will be able to reschedule for a date in early spring of 2010 once they have obtained the proper permits. Ticket purchasers can contact Smarttix for refund.

~ Alchimia Public Relations
We'll try again next Spring...but we'll certainly be calling ahead first! ;)


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