HIFF Award Winner: “Big River Man”

Category: Hamptons Film Festival
“Big River Man”
2009 Wouter Barendrecht Award for Pioneering Vision
Directed by: John Maringouin

2009 | 100 min | Feature Documentary

Cast & Credits
Producer: Molly Lynch, Maria Florio, Kevin Ragsdale
Cinematographer: John Maringouin
Music: Rich Ragsdale
Cast: Martin Strel, Borut Strel, Matthew Mohlke

“Big River Man” is the adventure of a lifetime. Overweight 53 year-old Martin Strel appears to be far from the incarnation of good health, yet in his current state he has achieved records for the world's longest consecutive swims, including the entirety of the Yangtze and Danube rivers. Documentarian John Maringouin intrepidly followed Strel as he embarked on a journey to complete the world's longest ever swim: the Amazon River. Strel and his team of trainers and guides never could have anticipated the life-altering experiences that were ahead of them along the wild and ancient stretch of water. This film captures their unbelievable story.

Director John Maringouin has made a career out of documenting the bizarre and the extreme. His first film was the uncomfortably intimate documentary Running Stumbled, in which he tracked down his father, Johnny Roe, Jr., whom prior to the shoot he hadn't seen for three decades.

Big River Man - Trailer from KNR Productions on Vimeo.


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