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Annika Peterson and Joel Goldberg share some red carpet fun.

On Sunday night, 12 year-old Joel Goldberg and his 13 year-old friend Ryan decided to check out some of the celebrity action happening at the Hamptons International Film Festival. The two boys strapped on their helmets and rode their bikes over to Guild Hall in East Hampton where there was a bright red carpet and a gaggle of press waiting for some of this year's hottest talent.

Joel and Ryan positioned themselves on the sidewalk and watched as independent film makers and celebrated breakthrough performers made their way down the red carpet. I'm sure it was fun to watch to the flashes firing and the young starlets posing in their backless dresses, but let's face it; these kids weren't hoping to catch a glimpse of an up and coming Scandinavian actor or the producer of a narrative documentary. They wanted star action! Where were the Pierce Brosnan's, Sharon Stone's and Alec Baldwin's?

After watching a host of people they had never heard of prance before the cameras, Annika Peterson arrived at Guild Hall to take her turn on the red carpet. “Who is that,” the boys asked. “Annika Peterson. She stars in Tanner Hall, a film that's being featured here at the festival.” “Oh,” they said with little excitement. Funny thing is, Annika Peterson shared their lackluster enthusiasm. You see, this was Annika's umpteenth press walk at the film fest, and even she was tiring of “the same old poses.” That's when Annika spotted Joel and Ryan.

“Come here,” shouted Annika to the boys on the sidewalk. Instinctively, the boys looked behind them to see who she was talking to. “No, you!” said Annika. “Me?” replied a confused Joel. “Yeah, you!” Joel seemed to grow more confused by the second, unsure of why this woman, who was in the middle of posing for photographers, had suddenly picked him out the crowd. Annika walked off the red carpet and made her way over to Joel and Ryan on the sidewalk. Now, the press love nothing more than impromptu highjinks, so we all cheered her on as she asked Joel if she could ride his bike onto the red carpet. Before we knew it, Joel was off his bike, Ryan was speechless, and a gorgeous actress was hiking up her skirt and commandeering a 12 year-olds wheels. It was red carpet gold!

Annika asked Joel to escort her back onto the red carpet, and photographers and tickets holders alike applauded their arrival. As Annika's handbag dangled from the handlebars, she pulled Joel onto the bike with her so he could share in the spotlight. Flashes fired feverishly as the unlikely duo smiled for the cameras - he with a helmet on his head and she with her heels teetering on the pedals. Joel looked like he was on cloud nine!

When all was said and done, there was no question that Joel was a budding superstar and a red carpet natural. He handled himself like a pro and was all too comfortable striking a pose with his lovely new date.

So what did Joel think of his brush with stardom? “It was pretty cool,” he told us, still grinning from ear to ear. And what about Ryan, his friend who stayed behind on the sidewalk and chuckled at all the commotion? Joel told us yesterday Ryan now goes around school saying, “Yeah, he was on the red carpet!” There’s no doubt these young men are now the talk of their school cafeteria.

As for star power, their classmates shouldn't worry if they're still not too sure who Annika Peterson is or that they haven't seen “Tanner Hall” yet. Both Joel and Ryan were given a quick IMDb rundown of some of Annika's more "famous" roles, including those on a few TV shows they may have heard of, like CSI: NY and CSI: Miami...which instantly upped her cool quotient from pretty cool to really cool.

Photo 2: Annika Peterson and Joel Goldberg share some red carpet fun.

Photo 3: Annika Peterson and Joel Goldberg share some red carpet fun.

Photo 4: Annika Peterson and Joel Goldberg share some red carpet fun.


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