Quotables: A Conversation With Alan Alda

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Alan Alda at the 17th Annual Hamptons International FIlm Festival. Photo: Lisa Wagner/Splash News

Alan Alda is all smiles at the 17th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival.
Photo: Lisa Wagner/BlogHamptons/Splash News

Alan Alda was one of the illustrious guests to grace the Hamptons International Film Festival this year and participate in their popular interview series, "A Conversation With..." Here are a few of the highlights of that conversation as Mr. Alda reflected on his life and career.

Alan Alda on his first experience in front of a live audience...at the age of 9 : “I remember that feeling of power of being able to turn the laughs off and on, to sort of manipulate the audience. Maybe it was inevitable that I would be in show business, but it was also what I really wanted to do. I loved it.”

Alan Alda on working with Woody Allen : "I've made three movies with him, and you and I have said more today than he did."

Alan Alda on his greatest accomplishment : “Being married to my wife for 52 years.”

And our personal favorite...Alan Alda on kissing : Reflecting back on all of his leading ladies, including Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Mia Farrow, interviewer Judy Licht asked which of them was the better kisser. Mr. Alda took little pause before he quipped: "I was."


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