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Blog Hamptons is finally home at bloghamptons.comIt's official!!

We are have finally found our home at BlogHamptons.com!

After a weekend full of doubt and worry, server problems and marathon coding sessions, we have finally moved to our new home at BlogHamptons.com!

We have loved our time on the pages of L. Caryle Photography but, after an amazing summer and such tremendous support, it was time for us to expand our wings and move to a site of our own. Absolutely nothing will change as far as our readers are concerned. We will have the same layout you have come to know and love, and all of our content and previous posts will move with us to our new home. To help with the transition, both BlogHamptons.com and LCaryle.com will have the same content mirrored at each site until this fall. After that, Blog Hamptons will only be found at BlogHamptons.com - though our partner site, LCaryle.com, will always have a big ol' link to us!

We are so excited to finally have our new home at BlogHamptons.com and we look forward to continuing to grow with all of our new friends and readers and bring you the absolute best the Hamptons have to offer. Thanks again to everyone who stood by us through our transition and please remember to update your bookmarks to reflect our new home at...BlogHamptons.com


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