Madonna On The Mend & On The Beach

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Photo: NY Daily News Cover: Madonna says she's doing better.Let's hope Madonna doesn't have plans on launching a new line of beach wear anytime soon.

On Sunday afternoon fellow photog Steven Barcelo, who we're now calling Houdini, managed to find Madonna chillin' on a park bench at Atlantic Ave. Beach in Amagansett.

Now, finding her is one thing, but actually getting her to pose for him less than 24 hours after she claims another photog caused her to be thrown from her horse -- that my friends, borders on a miracle.

Making his magic trick all the better was the final image; Madonna, donned in baggy turquoise sweatpants, combat boots, a Chanel jacket and a fedora. It's enough to make you smile like a school girl. The fact that the 50-year-old icon was also sans make-up is just gravy!

But we have to save some kudos for the Material Girl herself. Much respect for being so cool.

We reached out to Barcelo this morning, after we found his cover-stealing photo taunting us from today's Daily News, and extended our professional congrats. He told us that Madonna, who was accompanied on her park bench by Steven Klein and "a huge Great Dane," was "very pleasant" as she let him photograph her in her beach clothes. She told him she was doing "better" after being treated for minor injuries and bruises on Saturday and visibly showed no signs of her fall.

While the impromptu photo shoot lasted only 3 minutes, it was still 3 minutes we'll admittedly envy all week. So, we tip our hat to ya Barcelo, but just know's ON!

As The Who once sang, "We won't get fooled scooped again!"


Photo: Steve Barcelo


Photo: Steve Barcelo

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