Countdown to Surf Lodge: Only 15 Days To Go

Category: Only In The Hamptons
Photo: Back Tables, The Surf Lodge, Montauk

No need to wait until Memorial Day if you're looking forward to returning to the breezy deck of The Surf Lodge in Montauk.

The Surf Lodge, the 32-room hotel, restaurant and bar that took the east-end by storm last summer, will be re-opening on Friday, May 15th. We look forward to posting Surf Lodge's plans for opening night, as well as their Memorial Day weekend highlights, in the coming days.

Until then, we'll be counting down the days along with you until we're back to watching sunsets and sipping Red Stripe as the sound of the steel drums wash over the beach.

(Oh, how I've missed Sundays!)

Photo: Entrance, The Surf Lodge, Montauk


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