Network Administrator Tools


Following is a list of the handy administrative tools and utilities for network administrators, system administrators and it consultants.

MY IP Suite

MY IP Suite combines domain to IP converters, Remote Administration Tool Tracert, WHOIS, website scanner, batch ping and IP to country converter. With MY IP Suite you can lookup an IP address for single and group of domain names perform batch and pings on the multiple servers at the same time. You can also track IP addresses to their destination to find out the problems in the connections. You can also determine the last modified data, name, IP address and the operating system of the remote web server.

Desktop Authority

Desktop Authority utility manages the Windows Desktop lifecycle and reduces the total cost of the ownership by enabling the network and system administrators to manger, control inventory and secure the desktop computers from the central location. With the Desktop Authority you manage printer deployments, registry values, software deployments, drive mappings and perform diagnostic methods from the centralized location.

Hyena Hyena is designed to simply and manages the day to day network management and administrative tasks. Hyena uses Windows explore type interface to perform all the operations. The most common features of the Hyena are the management of the users, groups, shares, messages, sessions, open files, devices, events, domains, disk space, job scheduling and processes. Hyena is compatible with almost all the Windows based operating systems and it can manage a lot of administrative tasks in the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Servers. IP Sniffer & Web Tracer IP Sniffer & Web Tracer is a domain and IP tool that combines, domain IP convert, tracert, PING, website scanner and connection monitor. The common features of IP Sniffer & Web Tracer are conversion of domain to IP address, IP to domain name, trace IP address and domain, find the country from IP address and you can obtain all the required information based on the IP address such as domain owner, email, postal address, city, state, country and contact phone. Remote control PRO Remote control PRO is a handy tool for the network administrators that allow them to view and manage the remote computers without leaving their seats. With the Remote control PRO a network administrator can launch programs, troubleshoot software applications and devices, install drivers, manage users, domains and change computer settings by using his/her keyword and mouse.

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